Viviane Ghuys, MSc (Oxon), CPsychol

Henley-on-Thames, UK

Tel: 07432 817 018

I run my practice in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

Typically the therapy consists of 6 to 12 of 1 hour sessions structured as follows: 

  • In the initial sessions, I explore the client's issue(s) and discuss the focus of the therapy in light of the client's objectives and desires. The aim is to understand the complexity of the problem, the processes involved, how the problem currently impacts the client's day-to-day life and feelings. I also aim to clarify the client’s needs and expectations from the therapy.
  • In the following sessions, I look for practical ways to influence the situation and implement changes. Through the use of specific techniques and strategies I lead the patient to change the way they feel, think and react to their situation. Regular homework is suggested between sessions so that change is actively being pursued and the client can start to experience and develop new ways of dealing with their problem in real life. The progress of the therapy is discussed and reviewed in light of the initial objectives.
  • In the final sessions, the emphasis is put on consolidating the desired changes and ensuring that the client feels confident to move on from the therapy. 

Throughout the therapy I endeavour to establish and maintain a positive working alliance based on mutual respect, trust, confidentiality and commitment.

The sessions are initially held every two weeks but, as therapy progresses, the frequency of the sessions may be reduced to every three or four weeks.

I charge a fee of £60 per session.